Members of the Youth Commission
Michelle Simino (16), Chairperson -
Jenny Rouble (17), Officer Liaison -
Claude Johnson (1
6), Treas./Off.Liaison - (17),
Garth Rouble (15), Registrar -
Sharon Brown (17), Publicity -
Todd VanGrouw (15), Ad-hoc -
Katie Provot (15), Retreat Coordinator -
Julie Anderson (17), Ad-Hoc -
Jordan Takacs (17) Ad-Hoc -
If you have questions for any of the YC members, feel free to
e-mail us and we will get back to you.
Michelle Simino,
The Michigan Youth Commission provides programming at the state level for
youth from Congregational Christian Churches.
We strive to provide Christian fellowship opportunities for
youth from 3rd grade through college-age:
The Michigan Youth Commission is the youth division of the
Michigan Conference of Congregational Christian Churches.
3 Senior High (grades 9-12) retreats each school year
2 Junior High (grades 6-8) retreats each school year
Week long summer camp for grades 3 -8
Organize and supervise trip to the National Youth
Conference (NAPF/HOPE)
Provide Fellowship opportunities for College-age youth -
called HOPE